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Humble Beginings

The company started with very little investment - only a computer and a phone were needed!

And here we are today, still 100% privately owned and run by us (Rachel and Jonathan!), albeit with a growing team, a few more phones and a few more computers. A couple of years down the line, it became clear that not only was it pensions communications our clients required our help with, but the wider topic of money too, such as debt, investing, saving for long/short-term goals, other savings, health and rewards.

We have evolved over the years and now specialise not only in pensions but in the wider topic of financial wellbeing. We are dedicated to simplifying financial matters and improving financial capability across the UK. We will never stop in our mission to improve people's lives.

People are always at the heart of what we do

We’re passionate and dedicated to empowering your employees, so that they feel good about their money.

Proof of the pudding

Punter Southall Aspire
"At Punter Southall Aspire, we teamed up with Pension Geeks to create a series of short, animated videos that addressed common employee pension questions. The videos were scripted in an informative and humorous way, with the main intention of catching and holding the audience’s attention. The final animated videos were a huge success with our client’s pension scheme members - enabling them to absorb and engage with the information. The Pension Geeks were a pleasure to work with - from their original creative ideas and initial concepts, to the production of the storyboard artwork - all were delivered to the highest standards within a timely and professional manner.

John Buttress

Chief Marketing Officer

"Pension Geeks are such an amazing company to work with. I cannot thank them enough for their continued support with our animation requirements and branding support. They have the best animators out there! They have even helped me write my first children's book. They're professional, always meet deadlines and are all round good, honest people

Jordan Brompton


Schneider Electric
"At Schneider Electric there was a need to make a step change to the perception of Pensions as part of the reward package. With the support of Pension Geeks and the development of several short animated videos this was a significant success. The support we got from them and the fresh “out of the box” views/ideas on script, language and brand extension helped us to deliver a compelling, positive message that pensions are a valuable part of the overall employer value proposition and one that members need to take an active role in managing.

Jerry Gandhi

Pensions Manager UK & Ireland