Our Approach

Employees often look to their employer for help with their personal finance needs. With our support, we can ensure your workforce is armed with the help and information they need to make the right financial decisions throughout their lives.

Whether it’s managing day-to-day costs, getting out of debt, saving for the stuff that matters to them, or preparing for the future – we can empower your employees with the confidence, capability and knowledge to improve their relationship with money and alleviate any financial worries they may have - making a meaningful difference to lives.

Our wellness programmes help your employees to

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Know what they
need to do

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Understand how
to do it

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Take action & lead
happier financial lives

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Our Step by Step Approach


Using our research & insights captured through visiting different workplaces, along with conducting research within your workplace to learn first-hand key information, we will devise our strategy and communications plan.


We will review what you currently do & learn more about your workplace culture, in order to understand your audience. This will enable us to develop your aims and objectives for the project.

Scope The Project

Following initial discussions and using our research, we will produce a scoping document which will explore the project in more detail and offer key recommendations and suggestions for moving forward

Communications Plan

Our team will develop the full communications plan, identifying the relevant channels for the activity. The plan will outline the key messages, and tone of voice to use within the activity, whilst outlining the project deliverables.

Design & Delivery

We will act on the communications plan and work our magic. Our captivating copywriters and designers will bring your communications to life and we will execute the project through the agreed channels.

Measure & Evaluate

Based on your objectives and the deliverables we outlined during the planning phase, we will evaluate and measure the success of the project along the way, making any tweaks/adjustments where needed.

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